1. General Warranty Policy
    Bikes Gallery will provide full support for the products we distribute by offering warranty and/or repair service. Warranty only covers strictly on defective manufacturing and workmanship and applies only to the original purchaser of the product.
  2. Warranty Period
    The duration of the warranty is varies for different product.
  3. Exclusions
    The warranty does not cover in the event of:
    1. Normal wear & tear or maintenance issues
    2. Abnormal strain, neglect, abuse or misuse
    3. Accidents or collision damage
    4. Lack of routine and proper maintenance
    5. Improper or failure to follow instructions for assembly, installation or use
    6. Modifications of original parts or installation of incompatible parts
    7. Repairs or servicing not performed by authorised service centers
    8. Damage or loss from shipping, transportation or storage
  4. Customers are required to produce the following for warranties claim:
    1. Proof of Purchase (Receipt)
    2. The item for warranty

Last Updated: 13 March 2020

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