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Bicycle handle Racing Drop Bar Road Bike fixie Bike BullHorn fixie handle Ride handle fixie

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Bullhorn Fixie Handle:
Diameter 25.4mm
Width 34cm
Height 15cm
#fixie #fixiehandle #bullhorn

Drop Bar:
Diameter 25.4mm
Width 440mm
Bicycle Handle Racing Road Bike Fixie Handlebar

Upgrade your cycling experience with the Bicycle Handle Racing Drop Bar Road Bike Fixie Handle. With a diameter of 25.4mm and a width of 440mm, this handlebar is perfect for any road bike or fixie. Its sleek black color adds style to your ride while providing optimal comfort and control. The drop bar design allows for multiple hand positions, making long rides more comfortable.

Key features:
- Diameter of 25.4mm and width of 440mm
- Sleek black color
- Multiple hand positions with drop bar design

Upgrade your cycling game with the Bicycle Handle Racing Drop Bar Road Bike Fixie Handlebar today!

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